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Minggu, 11 September 2016

My Experience Using Bitcoin

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Hello! this a recount text about my experience using Bitcoin. This is just recount text only for english task in SMA 2 Samarinda (Indonesia, Earth). If me had wrong for this story, I'm sorry. You can give critics or suggestions to me.

9 months ago, I was new to bitcoin, a cryptocurrency like money. In my mind, Bitcoin is an electronic money and a future of money. In that time, I register in to create a new Bitcoin wallet. Then, I was registered in trusted sites such as, Then, in that time, I'm also create an account in,,,, to collect Bitcoin for future use.
But in 8 months ago, The oremine site was seized by United States (USA) law. I had lost about 50000 Satoshi (0.0005 BTC). Then, I will register in CLDMine and 7cly. I also was register in and many other cloud mining investment. I had deposit about 120000 Satoshi (0.0012 BTC) to CLDMine. Then, I use it to bought CLD Power (CLD Cloud).
But, in 5 months ago, I withdraw 0.1 LTC from 7cly, but more than 2 days for waiting, My LTC (Litecoin) still not landed into my wallet. I suspect that 7cly was turned into SCAM a.k.a not paying anymore. Then, I withdraw my 0.07 LTC From CLDMine and not more than 30 minutes, my LTC was landed into my wallet and I exchange it into BTC in changely sites.
And in 3 months ago, The hashocean cloud mining sites was hacked and turned into SCAM. And CLDMine was crash then shuts away. The was as same as to CLDMine. In this time (3 months ago), I will search other cloud mining to collect more Bitcoin.
I was already aware that many Bitcoin investment use ponzi schemes/pyramid schemes or fraudulent Bitcoin investment and Bitcoin cloud mining. So, I will more cautious and I will consider to choosing trusted Bitcoin investment Now, I had Bitcoin in Blockchain about 0.0058 BTC or about 3.6 USD (Bitcoin price will change imediatelly) and 2900 DOGE or about 0.6 USD (Dogecoin price will also change imediatelly).

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